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We promote knowledge and innovation
for the benefit of society.


The Fundación Bunge y Born is an independent nonprofit organization based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, that works in knowledge generation and social innovation for the well-being of people and society at large. Built on decades of traditional philantropic work, the Foundation has evolved to become an organization that embraces change with audacity while striving to advance its positive collective impact.

We understand social innovation as a path to systemic solutions that are grounded in impact evaluation and have the potential for scale. That is why we focus our effort on developing innovative, scalable and evidence-based solutions in four specific areas: education, science, culture and public health.

In addition to developing our own projects, we promote scientific and technological research and formation of human capital through awards, subsidies and scholarships.

Promoting knowledge and innovation is a shared mission. We believe that collaboration and co-creation are the keys to success. That is why we work closely with other non profit organizations, academic and scientific institutions, and local and foreign policy makers.




The Fundación Bunge y Born awards are the most important recognition for the scientific community in Argentina.

We also give scholarships to young scientists to complete their research activities in USA and Europe, with the commitment to conclude their work upon their return to the country.

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