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Forty-five people took part from all over the country in the two-week course on school management organized in the framework of the Sembrador Program sponsored by the Bunge y Born Foundation and the Perez Companc Foundation.

The third edition of the summer course on “Management Tools for School Heads and Supervisors in a Rural Context” is an initiative belonging to the Sembrador Program for support to rural schools, held in February each year by the Bunge y Born and Perez Companc Foundations.

The 11-day presential course is held in Buenos Aires, and aims to provide management tools to heads and supervisors as another way of helping to improve educational quality in Argentine rural schools. All those taking part in the course, as has been the case up until now, have received support to cover 100% of all their costs, including the course fees, travel, accommodation and meals.

The course is run as a workshop around three main themes; teaching, management and culture, so that each participant can acquire the most up-to-date tools to help him or her improve the way they approach their task in schools. Leading experts in these subjects take part as speakers and trainers, including Bernardo Blejmar, who opened the course on Tuesday, 31 January, with the inaugural speech on the subject of leadership, as well as María Teresa Lugo, Victoria Abregú, Pilar Gaspar, Inés Aguerrondo and Paola Scarinci de Delbosco, and many others. Once the course is over, the participants must present plans for improvements to reinforce their tasks at their own schools, to be put into practice during the year and discussed with colleagues in virtual spaces created online.

For Constanza Ortiz, Project Manager at the Bunge y Born Foundation, “this course helps us to identify referents throughout the country. We also try to make this a way of acknowledging the tremendous effort invested in the tasks carried out by these school heads and supervisors every day. The 45 participants are from rural schools in different Argentine provinces: we are reaching them with a proposal for training that is free of charge, an opportunity which is the result of their application and subsequent selection on the basis of their background and performance.”

The subjects covered on the course include:

  • Managing rural schools, from ideas to action.
  • The roles of the school head and supervisor as managers of change
  • The subjective side of school leaderships
  • The challenges of managing several grades at once. Language teaching.
  • Team work, generating networks, projects
  • Information and Communications Technologies (ITC)
  • Distance learning
  • Values
  • Art in educational projects
  • Emergentology


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